Online Advertising Technology

In this blog post, I will explain all the basic technology behind online advertising and the different parties involved in it. Bear in mind that this is a very sophisticated world, so dig deeper into it if you find this blog post interesting.

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Advertisers: Buy ad space on website


Publishers: Sell inventory online


Ad Networks:

  1. Brokers that buy empty ad inventory from websites
  2. Group AD inventory according to audience type, content the and other factors and sell them in bulk to advertisers
  3. Examples: Microsoft Media Network,


Ad Exchange:

  1. Trade audiences instead of inventory
  2. Publishers list their audiences
  3. Advertisers bid on them
  4. Real time bidding to ensure publisher gets highest price and advertiser gets the lowest
  5. Consider it a market place for buying and selling ad inventory
  6. Ex. Double click, Facebook ad exchange


DSP: Demand Side Platform 

  1. For advertisers to trade across several Ad Exchange, they need a DSP
  2. Its a system designed to facilitate transactions with Ad Exchange
  3. A way of accessing inventory though a trading desk from Ad exchange
  4. Advertisers also manage and monitor their campaigns using the DSP
  5. Real time bidding capability
  6. Frequency capping
  7. Examples: Adobe Media optimizer, Google bid manager, turn, data zoo


SSP: Sell Side Platform

  1. Manage availability and reserve price of the publisher Ad Space
  2. Access multiple Ad Exchange for the publisher
  3. Manage yield of their inventory


3rd Party Data Providers

  1. For Targeting ads
  2. Ex. Bizo, Exolate, live ram


Data Management Platform: Compiles audience data from various sources and makes them actionable for cross channel marketing

Ad Servers
  1. Central locations to manage everything
  2. Create creative
  3. Reporting


RTB: Real Time Bidding: Programmatic buying

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